Sharing my place with the right female. (Granite Falls)

PLEASE FULLY READ before responding and would those playing these scams on here please stop. Just be real about everything that you tell me. Maybe some might think this is crazy for doing this but thought I would give it a try. Who knows. Hello , I would like to share my house in the Granite Falls area. NO MEN. Female only. I would prefer someone who has their own vehicle and some kind of income. I am far from rich so I can't just support someone. I guess this would be a live in girlfriend situation if we got along. Not expecting a couple situation overnight but hopefully would become that.I know everyone is not compatible. Thought I would post this, because I see so many people caught in tough situations. Bad times hits everyone at some point in time. One reason I am posting this. Ok a little bit about me. I am a normal person. 52 years old. Not on drugs, drink every once in a while. Don’t smoke or vape. Work the 7 to 3:30. Go into work early though. Like to walk as much as possible. Not really into going to the gym. Hobbies include boating, anything around water, walking and motorcycle riding. All utilities included, internet,Netflix, washer /dryer, etc. 2 full bathrooms. So nobody has to wait on a shower. Price is up for negotiation, depending on how much you care to help around the house. If you cant afford alot, just be honest and tell me. I know things are tough these days especially after the Covid era and everything is still crazy. I just need someone to help me around the house from time to time is the main reason I am posting this. You know it is sometimes just to hard to fix or work on something by yourself all the time, and I hate calling a friend over to help with something small. I can't allow someone to smoke inside or in the basement, just want to bring that upfront . No exceptions. Smoking outside is fine. I really don’t care if you smoke a little weed. A good cook would be extra nice also, but not necessary. I will clean up the mess if you want me to. I am good at doing that part. I am not real good at cooking , although can prepare several things. To let you know upfront I am not a pervert like I am sure lots of men on here are. Anything you want to ask please do. So in closing if you have read ad this far and possibly interested please tell me a little bit about yourself in an email back to me. It doesn’t have to be anything super personal, but I ask you do tell a few things about yourself for an introduction, just general information. Thanks for reading and good luck with finding your ideal place.

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