501(c)(3) Equine Rescue needs your support!! - $5 (Lattimore)

501(c)(3) Equine Rescue needs your support!! 1 thumbnail501(c)(3) Equine Rescue needs your support!! 2 thumbnail501(c)(3) Equine Rescue needs your support!! 3 thumbnail501(c)(3) Equine Rescue needs your support!! 4 thumbnail501(c)(3) Equine Rescue needs your support!! 5 thumbnail501(c)(3) Equine Rescue needs your support!! 6 thumbnail
Duke Farms Shelby is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Horse Rehabilitation & Rescue Group. We rely on grants and community donations to support our vital work. These funds are crucial for various aspects of horse rescue and rehabilitation.

Let’s explore how these donations are typically used:

Feeding and Care: Donations go toward providing nutritious feed, hay, and supplements for rescued horses. Proper nutrition is essential for their well-being and recovery.

Medical Expenses: Horses often arrive at rescue organizations in poor health. Donations cover veterinary care, including vaccinations, deworming, dental work, and treatment for injuries or illnesses, and farrier care.

Shelter and Housing: Maintaining safe and comfortable facilities is essential. Donations help cover costs related to stabling, shelters, and pasture maintenance.

Training and Rehabilitation: Rescued horses may need training to regain trust, learn basic skills, or overcome trauma. Donations support professional trainers and rehabilitation programs.

Emergency Situations: Some horses arrive in dire conditions due to neglect or abuse. Donations allow rescue groups to respond promptly to life-threatening emergencies.

Education and Outreach: Horse rescue organizations educate the community about equine welfare. Donations fund workshops, awareness campaigns, and educational materials.

Adoption Programs: Funds are used to promote adoption events, conduct home checks, and ensure that horses find loving forever homes.

Advocacy Efforts: Donations support advocacy work, including lobbying for stronger animal welfare laws and regulations.
Facility Maintenance: Regular upkeep of barns, fencing, and equipment is necessary to provide a safe environment for rescued horses.

Transportation: Donations cover transportation costs when rescuing horses from neglectful situations or relocating them to new homes.

Remember that EVERY contribution matters, and together, we can make a difference in the lives of these animals! 🐴

How can you donate? Remember all donations are tax deductible.




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