Magic the Gathering: Guru Island - $1,200 (Lenoir)

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condition: new

I have one of this card - single owner, never played. Comes in an acrylic case with inner sleeve as shown.

So what kind of basic lands are out there? There are plenty of choices among the promotional cards on top of the basics that are released with most sets. But what, you might ask, is the coolest, rarest, most impressive basic land to sleeve up for only the finest of occasions? An answer that most players would give you is the Guru land cycle. The Guru lands are a set of only five promotional basic lands featuring a very distinct art style. They were in circulation for only about a year and half and are the most expensive version of any basic land with any legitimate printing. Each of the five different land cards show an eclipse in a different stage beginning with plains and ending with swamps at full.

Guru Mountains are generally the cheapest among the Guru lands while islands tend to hold the highest value. For the fortunate players who seek out the rarest and most prized among the basic lands to add to their collections, Guru lands represent the superlative basic land. Rare, unusual, and costly, it’s the be-all-end-all of playing the absolute fanciest version of a basic land outside of anomalies like test prints.

The Guru program existed for less than two years and needed a big time investment from players signing up to it to reap any rewards from it. Very few of these basic lands were ever printed. As is with most cards commanding such a high price tag, the primary driver of its value is extreme scarcity. A lot of long-time players and collectors who are deeply invested in the game see Guru basics as the crowning star of their collection, one that’s instantly recognizable for its unique art.

*** Image showing entire set of 5 cards is for reference purposes only. This listing is for *one* card, the island only.

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